Campbell Custom Concrete

Carolina Miller ~ Homeowner ~ Folsom                                                                                    October 2015

Terry Stigall, Owner TLS Homes by T.L.Stigall, Inc.                                                                 April 2015

My husband and I were planning on selling our townhouse in Sacramento.  We never landscaped the backyard and it looked a mess, so we called Roy Campbell to get an idea of what we could create in our backyard in a timely manner and reasonable budget.   We pretty much told him to do what he thought was best.  After a few days of Roy and his crew in our backyard, it was transformed.   Our backyard was now beautiful and my husband and I know we made so much more money on selling our home because of the beautiful new backyard.   Roy was amazing and very creative!   Thank you Roy!

Michael and Marisa  Bogdanoff~ Natomas                                                                               June 2014

I hired Campbell Custom Concrete to help me do a backyard "remodel" in 2010 where he moved my existing concrete and poured new stamped concrete.  At the same time he/his crew built a beautiful new pergola as well.

Roy also suggested very cool concrete stepping stones that I just love.  Work was done on time and on budget and I honestly couldn't be more pleased!

Peggy Wolf ~ Homeowner ~ Pleasanton                                                                                 September 2010 


Campbell Custom Concrete